WIS 100 (Layton Avenue-Silver Spring Drive) Corridor Study - Environmental documents

Environmental Assessment (EA)

Two separate EA documents will be prepared for the WIS 100 (Layton Avenue to Silver Spring Drive) Corridor Study. One EA will cover the south section of the study between Layton Avenue to I-94, and the second EA will cover the north section between Watertown Plank Road to Silver Spring Drive. Each EA document will address the needs for the improvement, the alternatives that were considered and their impacts, and identify the preferred alternative.

An EA is required by the National and Wisconsin Environmental Policy Acts (NEPA and WEPA) for projects with potentially significant social, economic, natural resources and other impacts.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the lead agency for each EA. The documents will be prepared in accordance with the FHWA guidelines.

The EAs will be made available for public review and comment in 2017.