I-794 Bridge Overlays - Milwaukee County


WisDOT will be completing preventative maintenance on the remaining structures along I-794, located east of the Marquette Interchange. As part of the proposed project, thirteen structures along I-794 will receive Polyester Polymer Overlays (PPC).

PPC overlays are intended to replace the wearing surface, seal the bridge deck, and prevent further deterioration by protecting the steel reinforcement from corrosive chlorides leftover from road salt. A PPC overlay application is a three-step process. It begins by removing and patching areas where deterioration is over 1-inch below the concrete surface. After patching, the top inch of concrete is removed from the bridge surface and then replaced with the PPC overlay.

The Marquette Interchange was completed in 2008. In 2017, preventative maintenance was completed on the north, south and west leg structures. This project will address the east leg and complete the required maintenance on the rest of the interchange.

Traffic Impacts

During construction, peak hour traffic will be maintained. Traffic will be restricted overnight with full closures and detours needed to complete the work.


Construction is currently scheduled for summer/fall 2022.


Design phase - Do you have any comments or questions? We'd like to hear from you! Please feel free to contact the project representatives below.


Scott Anderson, WisDOT Project Manager
(262) 548-6894

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications
(262) 548-6702