WIS 164 (I-94 to WIS 175) Study

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Project location

WIS 164 (County J), in Washington and Waukesha counties.

  • I-94 to Waukesha/Washington County Line (County Q), Waukesha County
  • Waukesha/Washington County Line (County Q) to WIS 175, Washington County

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Project overview

  • Traffic on WIS 164 has been studied since the 1960s. At that time traffic clearly called for a two-lane county highway. By the 1990s, population had dramatically grown in Waukesha and Washington counties.
  • More people means more cars and trucks on the highway. Traffic congestion and safety are now critical issues.
  • 2006 traffic volumes, Capitol Drive - Sussex, ranges from 13,000 - 15,400 vehicles on weekdays. Traffic, Capitol Drive - I-94, is even greater, up to 23,000 vehicles on weekdays.
  • These volumes exceed federal standards for safe and efficient travel on two-lane urban highways. Traffic is expected to continue to grow 50 percent over the next 20 years.
  • Portions of WIS 164 have steep hills, blind intersections and many access points that affect safety and traffic flow.
  • A full range of improvements to WIS 164 have been studied. Citizens and public officials were asked to review, comment on and help determine the best approaches to these improvements.


Study completed 2001. This project is not yet scheduled for construction but is anticipated to be when traffic volumes near the threshold for four lanes.

Purpose and need

Motorists encounter several issues along the WIS 164 corridor including:

  • High traffic volumes, especially in Waukesha County, that hamper efficient and safe travel
  • Blind intersections, sharp hill crests and narrow shoulders that cause difficult and unsafe operations
  • A high number of access points that result in tightly-spaced and unsafe entry points to the highway.
  • These include major intersections, side streets, commercial entrances, and residential driveways and field entrances.
  • Development that adds to traffic congestion and affects driving conditions

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Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Identify traffic safety and operational issues
  • Document the effects of potential improvements to WIS 164 or alternative routes
  • Prepare an engineering concept plan to serve as a framework for local officials to make land use decisions


Future (next year and beyond):

  • This project is not yet scheduled for construction but is anticipated to be when traffic volumes near the threshold for four lanes.

Construction north of Howard Lane

  • Construction north of Howard Lane will occur only when or if traffic volumes in those areas of the project reach the four-lane threshold volume of 13,000 vehicles per day.
  • Based on traffic projections, it is not expected that traffic volumes between Howard Lane and County Q (Waukesha County) will reach 13,000 vehicles per day before 2010. Traffic volumes in Washington County are not expected to reach 13,000 vehicles per day until 2025 or beyond.
  • If traffic growth exceeds what is predicted, construction could be moved up, based on funding availability. Additionally, WisDOT is committed to completing safety and/or spot improvements as needs arise.

Past (anything prior to today)


  • Study completed
  • December 2001 - Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) completed which documented the preferred alternative, basis for its selection, comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and public hearing input
  • April 2001
    • Public Hearing after DEIS became available for public and agency review
    • DEIS completed

1999, 2000 and 2002

  • Public involvement meetings provided opportunities for public to comment and ask questions
  • Policy Advisory Committee meetings


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