WIS 20/83 Reconstruction - Frequently asked questions

Has an alternative been selected?

The preferred alternative would include reconstructing WIS 20/83 as a two through lane facility (one travel lane in each direction) with pedestrian and bicycle accommodations. From Buena Park Road to Jefferson Street this alternative would allow for one lane of through traffic in each direction separated by a continuous center two-way left turn lane (TWLTL). Between Jefferson Street and South First Street, this alternative includes one travel lane and one auxiliary/right turn lane eastbound and one travel lane westbound with parking on both sides of the street. From East Main Street to WIS 36, WIS 20/83 would be reconstructed as a two travel lane facility with parking on both sides of the roadway from East Main Street to River Road.

The WIS 20/83 bridge over the Fox River would be replaced to accommodate the wider roadway that is needed for bicycle accommodations and an eastbound to southbound right turn lane. This alternative would provide a long term solution to improving the pavement surface, addresses drainage concerns, provides bicycle and pedestrian facilities along the entire corridor, and addresses intersection capacity deficiencies.

When future traffic volumes warrant and/or the Level of Service deteriorates to below “C”, the section of roadway from Buena Park Road to South First Street can be converted from a two travel lane facility to a four travel lane facility by revising pavement marking and without further widening

Will construction cause traffic delays?

Yes, minor traffic delays and longer travel times are expected during construction. Detours will be needed to reroute through traffic away from the construction area.

Will the Fox River Bridge remain open?

Yes, the proposed design indicates constructing the bridge in halves to allow at least one lane of traffic crossing the bridge while under construction.

Will access to businesses be maintained?

Yes, access will be maintained to businesses during business hours. The contractor will coordinate with business owners regarding temporary access, where necessary.

How can I get involved and stay informed?

PIMs will offer opportunities for you to provide early input on the study needs and issues. A mailing database has been developed for this study. To be included on this mailing list, view the Mailing list information below.

Mailing list

If you currently do not receive our mailings or know of others who wish to be included, please contact Justin Suydam justin.suydam@dot.wi.gov.