WIS 50 (I-43 to WIS 67) Corridor Study, Delavan - Walworth County

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Note: This study has been canceled. WisDOT will continue to monitor and evaluate this roadway for future needs.

Project location

WIS 50, I-43 to WIS 67, in Delavan, in Walworth County.

Project overview

This 4.7-mile study will evaluate long-term improvements to traffic flow and safety in the corridor. The engineering and environmental study will:   

  • Analyze existing and future traffic demands.   
  • Develop alternatives for addressing safety concerns and recommend a preferred alternative.   
  • Examine environmental impacts and measures to avoid or minimize impacts.

WIS 50 is part of the National Highway System and is an important link in the Corridors 2020 transportation system. Major outcomes of the study to include:

  • Environmental Assessment (EA) including a range of alternatives and their impacts to the environment   
  • Functional plan outlining the preferred option


Study - Long term planning with no construction activity at this time.

Purpose and need

WIS 50 is a vital connector link to the Corridors 2020 route and WISDOT Connections 2030 Plan. The highway is important to statewide mobility, commerce and economic development.

Due to extensive new development in the area, traffic on WIS 50 has exceeded normal growth trends. Planned development growth is expected to increase traffic volumes to unacceptable levels of congestion on WIS 50.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

Study will examine traffic techniques to improve the highway’s efficiency, including expansion, reviewing access and conducting traffic reviews at all intersections.


Current (this year)

No meetings or updates scheduled.

Past (anything prior to today)

Spring 2012 - Technical engineering reports completed

April 20, 2011 - Public Involvement Meeting (PIM)
Spring 2011 - Preliminary design of recommended alternative started

December 2010 - Selection of  recommended alternative

January 28, 2009 - PIM

April 2008 - Traffic analysis and report completed
February 5, 2008 - PIM

September 2007 - Alternative development started
April 2007 - Data collection started



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