WIS 83 Reconditioning (I-43 to WIS 20) - Racine, Walworth, Waukesha Counties


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The project proposes to recondition (a mix of resurface and reconstruct) approximately seven miles of WIS 83 from WIS 20 to south of I-43. ​The project is needed to improve the pavement surface and riding characteristics, provide a safe roadway by improving substandard geometric features, and improve drainage. WIS 83 was originally constructed in 1928 and last resurfaced in 2011. 

Three sections were chosen to be reconstructed to address needed safety improvements. Also, an intersection will be reconstructed to upgrade turn lanes to current geometric standards. The work will consist of: 

  • Mill and overlay 2-inches of existing pavement for the resurface sections
  • Reconstruct and realign the intersection of WIS 83 and Honey Creek Road. Honey Creek Road will be realigned to the south improving the intersection angle with WIS 83 and adding right-turn and bypass lanes along WIS 83. WIS 83 will be reconstructed from approximately 1,450-feet south of Maple Rd to approximately 560-feet south of Loland Drive. Vertical curves will be improved cutting down hills and filling sags and horizontal curves will be improved making a larger curve pulling WIS 83 to the east. These vertical and horizontal curve improvements will increase the sight distance.
  • Reconstruct and realign the intersection of WIS 83, Northwest Circle, and County O (Caldwell Road). The proposed improvements include increasing the horizontal curve of WIS 83, realigning County O to a 90-degree angle with WIS 83, and cul-de-saccing Northwest Circle. The large culvert under WIS 83 with a tributary to Fox River will be extended to the west.
  • Reconstruct the S-curves between Greeley Drive and County L (Janesville Rd). The horizontal curves and superelevation (cross-slope) will be improved to meet standards for the design speed limit.
  • Improvements are proposed at the intersection of WIS 83 and County L (Janesville Road). Right turn bays will be extended to meet standards. Also, “intelligent” signing is proposed to alert WIS 83 traffic when vehicles are stopped at the cross-road to raise awareness and reduce speed.
  • Guardrail with downturn ends will be replaced with standard Energy Absorbing Terminals (EATs)
  • Culvert and drainage will be improved throughout the project

In addition to the improvements above, the Village of Mukwonago is proposing to include geometric improvements to Boxhorn Drive, Dewey Drive, and Wolf Run due to increased development. This work is proposed to be constructed as part of the State improvements to WIS 83.​

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Schedule and Traffic Impacts

The project is currently proposed for construction in 2023. Utilities along the project will be relocated by the individual utility companies prior to the road work. The road project proposes to detour traffic to WIS 20 and      ​   I-43. Local traffic access and access for emergency responders will be maintained.


Bob Bellin, WisDOT Project Manager
(262) 521-4405

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications Manager
(262) 548-6702