WIS 16 Corridor Study - Need/purpose

Why is this project needed?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) data indicates a fairly steady growth in traffic throughout the corridor and opportunities to improve safety conditions for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

WisDOT has significant investment in the WIS 16 corridor. This corridor serves residential, commercial, regional, agricultural, and industrial interests. WisDOT has chosen to develop a long-range plan to manage, preserve, and extend the useful life of the WIS 16 corridor. The study involves:

  • Evaluating the existing roadway conditions
  • Identifying operational and safety deficiencies and concerns
  • Understanding local municipal plans and land use intentions
  • Evaluating forecasted future conditions as traffic volumes and municipalities grow, and
  • Analyzing conceptual roadway improvements to improve safety and mobility.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Documentation of corridor conditions (traffic volumes, constraints, land use, primary infrastructure)
  • Documentation of safety and operational concerns
  • Documentation of local concerns from citizens and officials
  • Identifies conceptual options for preserving corridor safety and function
  • Assists WisDOT and municipalities in long-range planning of land use and transportation​