WIS 19 Study - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Study area

The study begins at US 12 in the town of Springfield, continues east along WIS 19 through the village of Waunakee, the city of Sun Prairie, and the village of Marshall, and ends on the east side of the city of Waterloo at WIS 89. WIS 19 intersects with US 12, WIS 113, I-39/90/94, US 51, US 151, WIS 73, and WIS 89 within the study limits. The study includes all municipalities and townships within the corridor and focuses on the WIS 19 roadway.

Purpose of the study

This study will develop a long-range plan to safely manage, preserve, and extend the useful life of the WIS 19 corridor without adding system capacity. The study will involve:

  • Evaluating existing roadway conditions
  • Identifying existing deficiencies and concerns
  • Analyzing conceptual roadway improvements for safety and mobility

Primary elements of the study

  • Data collection
    • Traffic volume
    • Land use
    • Crash history
    • Infrastructure (roadway, major culverts, major utilities, trails, etc.)
  • Safety and operational analysis
    • Crash analysis and countermeasure determination
    • Intersection and segment capacity analysis
  • Local official/public involvement
    • Review of local land use and transportation plans
    • Public concerns
    • Public knowledge of safety or operational issues
    • Identification of significant infrastructure or sensitive lands
  • Environmental scan and regulatory agency coordination
  • Identification of conceptual improvement options for further/future study

Outcomes of the study

This study will provide a Corridor Study Report, which will formally document the process, results, and recommendations. No construction activities will result directly from this study. The report will:

  • Document corridor conditions (traffic volumes, constraints, land use, primary infrastructure)
  • Detail safety and operational concerns
  • Discuss local concerns
  • Identify conceptual options for preserving corridor safety and function
  • Estimate timeframes of need of potential improvements (estimate priorities)
  • Assist WisDOT and municipalities in long range planning of land use and transportation

Will WIS 19 become a four-lane highway or be relocated away (bypass) from any urban areas?

This study will not analyze nor recommend capacity expansion. This study will provide recommendation of potential improvements to preserve the safety and functionality of the existing number of lanes and in its current location. The intention is to extend the viability of the existing roadway as long as possible.

Private access

This study will not grant, modify, or remove existing access to the roadway. Access will be investigated to identify areas of concern that could be addressed in the future.

Other projects along WIS 19 (unrelated to the study, dates subject to change)

Note - Projects listed as project name (project ID)

  • Mill and overlay WIS 19 from US 12 to western Waunakee village limits (5290-01-74)
    • Anticipated construction 2020
  • Reconstruction of downtown Waunakee from Klein Drive to Division Street (including traffic signals at Holiday Drive and a roundabout at County Q/WIS 113) (5290-01-72)
    • Occurred summer 2014
  • Intersection reconfiguration and reconstruction at WIS 113/County I east of Waunakee (5290-02-00)
    • Anticipated construction 2018
  • Skid/Friction overlay project at the Walter Drive curves (5290-02-60)
    • Anticipated construction 2016
  • Reconstruct and expand WIS 19 to four-lanes from River Road to I-39/90 including reconstruction of the Yahara River bridge (5290-00-02)
    • Anticipated construction 2020
  • I-39 bridge deck replacement and traffic signal addition at the SB ramp intersection (1020-20-04)
    • Anticipated construction 2016
  • Traffic signal installation at Pepsi Way in the town of Burke (3700-10-13)
    • Anticipated construction 2015
  • Traffic signal installation at Westmount Drive in the city of Sun Prairie (6085-02-02)
    • Anticipated construction 2021
  • Traffic signal reconstruction and intersection reconfiguration at Broadway Drive in Sun Prairie (6085-02-03)
    • Anticipated construction 2018
  • US 151 bridge deck overlays (1111-02-08)
    • Anticipated construction 2017
  • WIS 19 resurfacing from McKay Way to WIS 89 in Waterloo with river bridge replacements (3050-02-72)
    • Anticipated construction 2018

How long will this study last?

WisDOT anticipates the study will be completed in summer 2016.

After the study

The Corridor Study Report will serve as guidance for WisDOT, counties, cities, and townships to work together to preserve corridor safety and efficient operations.

Completed tasks

  • Traffic counts
    • Intersections counted summer 2014
    • Traffic volumes counted (using tube counters) 2009-2014
  • Safety analysis
    • Identified locations with crash history
    • Identified crash patterns at spot locations
    • Determined possible contributing factors and causes of crash patterns
  • Traffic analysis
    • Identified intersection delay and congestion
    • Identified quality of travel conditions along WIS 19 throughout study limits

Next steps

  • Meet individually with interested municipalities in corridor
  • Hold Local Officials and Public Involvement Meetings in early 2015
  • Investigate preservation strategies to preserve the safety and efficiency of the corridor
  • Hold a second set of Local officials meeting and PIMs late in 2015
  • Develop Corridor Study Report

Study contacts

Franco Marcos, WisDOT Project Manager
(608) 246-3860