US 51 (Stoughton Road) Corridor Study

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Project location

US 51 (Stoughton Road), Terminal Drive/Voges Road (McFarland) to WIS 19 (DeForest), in Dane County

Project overview

This is an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) study that will develop and evaluate long-term alternatives to address the safety and congestion issues along the corridor. It will also evaluate gaps in bicycle and pedestrian facilities along the corridor.

The primary function of US 51 in the Madison area is as a regional and local traffic carrier. Regional trips are those that pass through, but are not destined for, a given location such as the city of Madison. Local trips begin and/or end somewhere near or along the corridor and involve turns on and off of US 51. As volumes of both types of traffic continue to increase, the ability of US 51 to efficiently serve these two conflicting uses has declined.

Study background

This segment of US 51 has three components, two of which have been completed:

  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

    • In November 2011 the Stoughton Road corridor was approved by the Transportation Projects Commission (TPC) as a Major Project study candidate and the EIS study began. In November 2017, it was determined that due to statewide priorities and funding limitations the US 51/Stoughton Road study would not be able to obtain funding for final design and construction. As a result of the funding delay, the completion of the study had been postponed.

      Following the completion of the study, the TPC would evaluate the project, as well as other study projects statewide, to determine priority for construction funding. If selected by the TPC and approved for funding by the legislature, the earliest that construction of the preferred alternative would be anticipated to begin on the corridor would be the late 2020s.
  • Traffic, Safety and Needs Identification Analysis (TSNIA)

    • Completed 2012, this study developed possible long-term corridor solutions to address the problems identified in the Needs Assessment (NA).
    • Capacity expansion was not investigated as part of the TSNIA, however all alternatives were designed to accommodate an additional lane in each direction.
  • Needs Assessment (NA)

    • Completed June 2003, this study determined the existing roadway's condition and how future traffic volumes will impact traffic flow.
    • The NA indicated there was sufficient need to study potential improvement alternatives.



For more information on Public Involvement Meetings (PIM), hearings and other public activities, visit public involvement.

No major construction projects are planned at this time.


  • To be determined:
    • ​​Public Involvement Meeting (PIM)
    • ​​Draft EIS (DEIS) approved
    • ​Public hearing on DEIS
    • Final EIS (FEIS)
    • Record of Decision (ROD) anticipated


2014 - 2020

  • Meeting/coordination​ with various property owners/stakeholders along the corridor


  • Meetings with various property owners/stakeholders along the corridor
  • March 19, 2013 - PIM, presented updated alternatives



  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Study - Long-term planning with no scheduled construction activity.​

Contact information

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WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager
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