US 51 Corridor Study (Stoughton-McFarland) - Need/purpose

​​What is the purpose of this project?

  • The purpose of the project is to provide a safe and efficient transportation system in the US 51 corridor to serve present and long-term travel demand while minimizing disturbance to the environment.


  • There are five main factors that contribute to the need for improvements within the US 51 corridor:
    • Address existing safety conditions
    • Address pavement conditions
    • Accommodate ​travel demand
    • Improve bicycle and pedestrian accommodations
    • Corridor preservation and long-term planning

Needs Assessment (NA)

  • Completed February 2004, in-depth NA study reviewed and analyzed transportation needs along US 51, Burma Rd. in McFarland to east side of Stoughton.
  • The study indicated there was sufficient need to study potential improvement alternatives.