Staying informed

Woman with sign, "It's easy to get downtown!"It is important for businesses, as well as citizens, to understand why a highway or bridge is being rebuilt, why there may be some inconvenience during repairs, what alternative solutions were evaluated, and what steps are being taken to minimize negative impacts.

Businesses can stay informed by:

  • Attending public meetings during the design phase and other meetings just prior to construction.
  • Inviting WisDOT representatives to discuss the project at your business association or group meetings.
  • Sharing what you've learned with other business people, using letters, newsletters, ads and other techniques to make the community more aware of what's ahead.
  • Staying in touch with the WisDOT project manager once construction begins.
  • Establishing a line of communications. Call if you have questions. You may identify one of you members as a point person to collect questions and concern, take them to the project manager, and bring back responses and other information.
  • Identifying key business people to whom WisDOT can mail or fax news releases and project updates.

How others did it

Many businesses establish special committees to meet with WisDOT designers a year or two ahead of construction to identify any business concerns and begin business planning for the construction period.

  • Appoint block captains to keep other businesses informed of the plans.
  • Provide weekly radio updates or print weekly construction updates in the local newspaper.
  • Set up a "fax hotline" to relay construction announcements by fax.
  • Set up an email distribution list.

Bottom line: Changes are easier to manage when everyone knows what's ahead.