Connect 2050

Connect 2050The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is preparing to update Connections 2030, the state’s Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan. The updated plan, Connect 2050, will focus on addressing the state’s multimodal transportation needs through the year 2050.

A new plan for a new time

Connect 2050 will be a new plan for a new time; a streamlined, user friendly document that utilizes innovative planning and data visualization techniques to guide Wisconsin’s transportation future. Associated technical reports, analysis, and modal-specific plans will exist alongside this plan, allowing Connect 2050 to stand alone as a visionary document that will guide overall transportation decision-making for Wisconsin. The plan is envisioned to provide all Wisconsinites, service providers, and stakeholders user-friendly access to useful information.

Let’s hear from you!

Throughout development of the plan, information and engagement opportunities will be available through this site and WisDOT’s social media accounts. Public engagement is expected to include both virtual and in-person opportunities throughout the planning process. Anyone who wishes to express comments, ideas, and/or concerns during the plan update process may do so by writing, calling or emailing:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Investment Management
4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor South
P.O. Box 7913
Madison, WI 53707-7913
Tel: (608) 266-9495