Wisconsin Rail Plan 2050 - Public involvement

Public Involvement Plan (PIP)

Obtaining comment on the draft Public Involvement Plan was one of the first steps in updating the Rail Plan 2050. The public comment period ended August 28, 2020. It provides the big picture of what strategies will be used to involve the public during the long-range plan writing process. This PIP version reflects a minor administrative change to avoid potential confusion about the plan timeline. The final Public Involvement Plan is available as an appendix in WisDOT's Coordination Document that outlines​ the Department's processes for coordinating with local officials and tribal government during the development of required planning products and other select programs.

Notice of Intent

The Notice of Intent is used to get feedback from the public about what generally will be included in the Rail Plan. The public comment period ended July 31, 2020. The Rail Plan will use existing policies from other WisDOT plans and Connect 2050, Wisconsin’s multimodal long-range transportation plan currently under development. Wisconsin Rail Plan 2050 will meet all federal and state long-range rail transportation planning requirements, including those of the Federal Railroad Administration.


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Division of Transportation Investment Management
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