Wisconsin State Freight Plan - 2022 Update

​The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is updating its State Freight Plan, which was adopted in 2018. The State Freight Plan is a long-range multimodal plan that addresses the state's freight transportation needs. This update will continue to focus on the needs of state highways and local roads, freight rail, aviation, harbors, and intermodal connections. Plan policies and recommended actions will align with and further Connect 2050, Wisconsin’s statewide long-range transportation plan.

The plan development process will include ongoing dialogue with the WisDOT Freight Advisory Committee comprising stakeholders from the public and private sectors. This committee will provide guidance during the planning process, helping to identify potential issues with the plan while developing a shared vision for freight transportation in Wisconsin.

The plan update is scheduled to be completed in December 2022, with an initial draft plan released to the public in mid-2022. Public and stakeholder participation is encouraged throughout the development of the plan.  Outreach events will be conducted and plan-related updates will be made available during the planning process.

Anyone wishing to express comments, ideas, alternatives, or concerns during the planning process may do so by using this comment form. If you would like to be contacted about plan updates by email, please use this subscription form.

Please visit this webpage for future updates, including information about public outreach opportunities.


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