Weaving is a form of reckless and aggressive driving. Swerving between lanes and cutting off other drivers in traffic is dangerous and reckless behavior. And it's also illegal.

  • The law states that no person may endanger the safety of any person or property by the negligent operation of a vehicle.
  • Weaving is just this type of behavior.

A recent survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 24% of the people typically encountered cars weaving in and out of traffic when they're on the roads. The people surveyed said they also frequently see cars making unsafe lane changes.

If you see a motorist weaving in traffic or driving in a zigzag (alternately moving toward one side of the road and then the other), studies show there's a 60% chance that motorist may be driving drunk or is under the influence of drugs. If you observe this type of driving behavior, notify the police or State Patrol.