Who is an aggressive driver?

They fly past you and then cut you off with inches to spare. Maybe they make an offensive gesture when they feel you haven't been cooperative enough in their rush to get where they're going.

We all know exactly what an aggressive driver looks like. Or do we? Do any of these examples sound familiar?

  • You faithfully merged to the right when you saw the sign announcing a lane closing ahead. And now, after waiting 10 minutes in line, someone comes driving down the empty left lane and tries to merge in front of you. You step on the gas and close the gap between you and the next car. They won't be cutting in front of you today!

  • You're ten minutes late for work and driving just a bit over the speed limit when the light ahead of you turns yellow. You're not close enough to make it but you feel you can't afford to wait, so you step on the gas and rocket through the intersection just as the light turns red.

  • You're driving 5-10 mph over the speed limit on a four-lane highway. As you change lanes to pass a slow-moving semi, you find a car sitting in the passing lane going about the same speed as the truck. You get right on their tail, flash your lights and give them a toot on the horn.

So who is an aggressive driver? It just might be you.