Public traffic safety grants

​The Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS) provides traffic safety grants to organizations and partners that provide services that minimize the number of traffic fatalities and injuries each year. Partners include health centers, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services and other agencies who share the goal of minimizing traffic fatalities on Wisconsin roads.

Child passenger safe​​ty seats

BOTS provides funding for several health care centers and departments to purchase child passenger safety seats to families who cannot afford them. This program’s goal is have all child passengers in the correct car seat. Having a child in the proper car seat seriously reduces the likelihood that the child will be injured or killed in the event of a crash. If your agency is interested in receiving funding for the purchase of car seats, please contact Timothy Dies at

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Grants training

All agencies who receive a grant through the Bureau of Transportation Safety are required to take training. ​The training is available online for grantees to view.​