Rollover seatbelt convincer

The Rollover Seatbelt Convincer program is a presentation on the importance of safety belt usage.

Retired State Patrol Trooper John Legault demonstrates the value of wearing safety belts using a Ford Ranger cab mounted on a trailer, which is designed to simulate falling out of a vehicle during a crash.

The trooper demonstrates what happens in a crash or sudden stop when the safety belt is not used and the crash dummy flies out of the cab. Then the crash dummy is buckled up, and no matter how much the cab rolls, he stays safely in place. Those watching can see the difference between belted and unbelted occupants.

The trooper also teaches the importance of not distracting the driver, as well as other proper behavior in the car.

Each person who participates in the program will receive handouts such as maps, coloring books, stickers, and informational brochures.

The rollover seatbelt convincer program is offered to all interested personnel as scheduling permits.

rollover seatbelt convincer rollover seatbelt convincer down rollover seatbelt convincer 

To bring the rollover seatbelt convincer program to your area, contact:

John Legault
Phone: (715) 284-5446 or (715) 797-7282

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