Motorcycle program

State Patrol's Motorcycle program consists of 14 Harley Davidson motorcycles and 25 designated riders. This program provides a highly visible traffic law enforcement presence, with concentrated efforts in busy metro and freeway areas.

The motorcycles are extremely effective in busy areas where traffic may back up for long distances, requiring a patrol vehicle that can easily move through such traffic to assess and relieve the bottleneck problem.

These vehicl​es are effective law enforcement tools as well. The motorcycles are all equipped with mobile data computers and speed detection devices capable of checking speed compliance from virtually any location.

Their rapid acceleration abilities make them excellent in pursuit situations. Motor officers are highly skilled operators capable of maneuvering the motorcycle in and around heavy traffic and along narrow or winding roads.

The motorcycle fleet is a favorite at many local safety events, county fairs, and equipment displays. Motor officers are readily available to answer questions about highway safety, the role and job of a Wisconsin State Trooper, and offer tips for safely driving either a motorcycle or a regular passenger vehicle. One can often find a State Patrol motorcycle leading a local parade or escorting VIPs and special delivery vehicles.