Urban bicycle maps

Example of urban bike mapThe Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) created urban bike maps for Wisconsin municipalities with populations greater than 25,000. These new maps are a complement to the Wisconsin state bike map, which provides bicycling conditions for rural state and county highways.

Rural highway bicycling conditions and trail/path locations were updated in September 2015.

The urban bike maps provide information about:

  • The traffic volume (low, moderate, high) of major urban streets
  • The location of wide outside lanes on major urban streets
  • Bike trails/paths
  • Signed bike routes
  • Designated bike lanes

See the urban bike map legend for detailed information about the conditions and bicycle facilities.

WisDOT urban bike maps (Maps are best printed at 11" x 17")

WisDOT urban bike maps in development

  • Waukesha area

WisDOT is not creating maps for Wisconsin municipalities that already have their own maps that provide similar, or additional bicycling information. This includes Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee. For a full list of cities, villages and counties that have created their own maps, visit the local bike maps webpage.