Exit numbers on I-39 and US 51

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County Direction of travel Interchanging road Exit number
ColumbiaSBI-90/94 and WIS 78 South84
ColumbiaNB and SBCascade Mountain Rd.85
ColumbiaNB and SBWIS 3387
ColumbiaNBWIS 16 East89A
ColumbiaNBWIS 16 West 127 and To WIS 12789B
ColumbiaSBWIS 16 and To WIS 12789B-A
ColumbiaNB and SBUS 51 South92
MarquetteNB and SBWIS 23 West - County P100
MarquetteNBCounty D104
MarquetteNB and SBWIS 23 East - WIS 82106
MarquetteNB and SBCounty J and E113
WausharaNB and SBWIS 21124
WausharaNB and SBCounty V131
WausharaNB and SBWIS 73136
PortageNB and SBCounty D139
PortageNB and SBCounty W143
PortageNB and SBWIS 54 - Business 51151
PortageNB and SBCounty B153
PortageNB and SBCounty HH156
PortageNBUS 10 East158A
PortageNBWIS 66 West158B
PortageSBUS 10 East and WIS 66 West158
PortageNB and SBWIS 66 East159
PortageNB and SBBusiness 51161
PortageNB and SBCasimir Rd.163
PortageNB and SBUS 10 West165
PortageNB and SBCounty DB171
MarathonNB and SBWIS 34175
MarathonNB and SBWIS 153179
MarathonNB and SBKronenwetter and Mosinee (Maple Ridge Rd.)181
MarathonNB and SBBusiness 51185
MarathonNB and SBWIS 29 East187
MarathonNB and SBCounty N188
MarathonNB and SBCounty NN190
MarathonNB and SBWIS 29 West191A
MarathonNBSherman St.191B
MarathonNB and SBWIS 52 and Stewart Ave.192
MarathonNB and SBBridge St.193
MarathonNB and SBBusiness 51 County U - County K194
MarathonNB and SBCounty WW197
LincolnNB and SBCounty Q205
LincolnNB and SBWIS 17 and WIS 64208
LincolnNB and SBCounty K211
LincolnNB and SBCounty S225
LincolnNB and SBWIS 86 West and County D East229
LincolnNB and SBCounty A231
LincolnNB and SBUS 8234