Exit numbers on I-43

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County Direction of travel Interchanging road Exit number
RockSBI-90 East and I-39 South1A
RockSBI-90 West and I-39 North1B
RockNB and SBCounty X and Hart Rd.2
RockNB and SBWIS 1406
WalworthNB and SBUS 1415
WalworthNB and SBCounty X17
WalworthNB and SBWIS 5021
WalworthNB and SBWIS 6725
WalworthNB and SBUS 12 East27A
WalworthNB and SBUS 12 West27B
WalworthNB and SBWIS 1129
WalworthNB and SBBowers Rd.33
WalworthNB and SBWIS 12036
WalworthNB and SBWIS 2038
WaukeshaNB and SBWIS 8343
WaukeshaNB and SBWIS 16450
WaukeshaNB and SBCounty Y - Racine Ave.54
WaukeshaNB and SBMoorland Rd.57
WaukeshaNBLayton Ave.59
MilwaukeeSBUS 45 and WIS 100 - South60
MilwaukeeNBI-894 West61
MilwaukeeNBMichigan St. and 10th St.72A
MilwaukeeSBI-794 East - Lakefront72B
MilwaukeeNBI-794 East – Lakefront310C
MilwaukeeNBKilbourn Ave.72C
MilwaukeeSBIH94 West Madison72D
MilwaukeeSBHighland Ave. and 11th St.72E
MilwaukeeNB and SBFond du Lac Ave. and McKinley Ave.73A
MilwaukeeNB and SBNorth Ave.73B
MilwaukeeNB and SBLocust Ave.74
MilwaukeeNB and SBKeefe Ave. and Atkinson Ave.75
MilwaukeeNBWIS 190 East - Capitol Dr76A
MilwaukeeNBWIS 57 - Green Bay Ave. and WIS 190 West - Capitol Dr.76B
MilwaukeeSBWIS 57 - Green Bay Ave. and WIS 190 - Capitol Dr.76A-B
MilwaukeeNBHampton Ave. - Eastbound77A
MilwaukeeNBHampton Ave. - Westbound77B
MilwaukeeNB and SBSilver Spring Dr.78
MilwaukeeNB and SBGood Hope Rd.80
MilwaukeeNBBrown Deer Rd. - Eastbound82A
MilwaukeeSBWIS 32 East - Brown Deer Rd.82A
MilwaukeeNB and SBWIS 100 West - Brown Deer Rd.82B
MilwaukeeNBCounty W - Port Washington Rd.83
Interchanges where I-43 and I-894 are concurrent are numbered as interchanges on I-894
OzaukeeNB and SBWIS 167 - Mequon Rd.85
OzaukeeNB and SBCounty C89
OzaukeeNB and SBWIS 60 and County Q92
OzaukeeNB and SBWIS 32 North and County V South93
OzaukeeNB and SBWIS 3396
OzaukeeNBWIS 5797
OzaukeeNB and SBCounty H West and WIS 32 South100
OzaukeeNB and SBCounty D107
SheboyganNB and SBWIS 32 North and County LL113
SheboyganNB and SBCounty AA - Foster Rd.116
SheboyganNB and SBCounty V and County OK120
SheboyganNB and SBWIS 28123
SheboyganNB and SBWIS 23126
SheboyganNB and SBWIS 42128
ManitowocNB and SBCounty XX137
ManitowocNB and SBCounty C144
ManitowocNB and SBUS 151 and WIS 42 South149
ManitowocNB and SBUS 10 East and WIS 42 North and County JJ152
ManitowocNB and SBUS 10 West and WIS 310154
ManitowocNB and SBCounty V157
ManitowocNB and SBCounty K160
ManitowocNB and SBWIS 147 and County Z164
BrownNB and SBWIS 96 - County KB171
BrownNB and SBUS 141 and County MM178
BrownNB and SBWIS 172180
BrownNB and SBCounty JJ - Eaton Rd.181
BrownNB and SBCounty V - Mason St.183
BrownNB and SBWIS 54 and WIS 57 - University Ave.185
BrownNB and SBWebster Ave. and East Shore Dr.187
BrownNB and SBAtkinson Dr.189
BrownNBUS 41 and US 141192A-B