Exit numbers on I-894

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County ​Direction of travel ​Interchanging road ​Exit number
MilwaukeeWBI-94 East1A
MilwaukeeWBI-94 West1B
MilwaukeeEB and WBWIS 59 and Greenfield Ave.1D
MilwaukeeEBLincoln Ave.1E
MilwaukeeWBNational Ave.2A
MilwaukeeEBNational Ave. - Westbound2A
MilwaukeeEBOklahoma Ave.2B
MilwaukeeEB and WBBeloit Rd.3
MilwaukeeEB and WBI-43 and US 45 South4
MilwaukeeWBWIS 24 West - Forest Home Ave.5A
MilwaukeeWBSouth 76th St.5B
MilwaukeeEBSouth 76th St. - South 84th St.5A-B
MilwaukeeEB and WBSouth 60th St.7
MilwaukeeWBWIS 36 - Loomis Rd. South8A
MilwaukeeEBWIS 36 - Loomis Rd North 8B
Milwaukee EBWIS 36 - Loomis Rd8A-B
Milwaukee EB and WBWIS 241 - South 27th St.9
MilwaukeeWBWIS 241 South - South 27th St.9A
MilwaukeeWBWIS 241 North - South 27th St.9B
MilwaukeeEBWIS 241 - South 27th St.9A-B
MilwaukeeEBI-94 West10A
MilwaukeeEBI-94 East10B