Exit numbers on I-90

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

​County ​Direction of travel ​Interchanging road ​Exit number
La CrosseEB and WBCounty B2
La CrosseWBWIS 35 and US 53 South3
La CrosseEBWIS 35 and US 53 South3A
La CrosseEBWIS 35 North3B
La CrosseEB and WBUS 53 North and WIS 1574
La CrosseEB and WBWIS 165
La CrosseEB and WBCounty C12
La CrosseEB and WBWIS 16215
MonroeEB and WBWIS 2725
MonroeEB and WBWIS 1628
MonroeEB and WBWIS 13141
MonroeEB and WBUS 12 and WIS 1643
MonroeEB and WBI-9445
MonroeEB and WBCounty PP48
JuneauEB and WBCounty C55
JuneauEB and WBWIS 8061
JuneauEB and WBWIS 8269
JuneauEB and WBCounty HH and County N79
JuneauEB and WBUS 12 and WIS 1685
SaukEB and WBWIS 1387
SaukEB and WBWIS 2389
SaukEB and WBUS 1292
ColumbiaEB and WBWIS 33106
ColumbiaEB and WBWIS 78 South108A
ColumbiaEB and WBI-39 North108B
ColumbiaEB and WBCounty CS115
ColumbiaEB and WBWIS 60119
ColumbiaEB and WBI-39108B
DaneEB and WBCounty V126
DaneEB and WBWIS 19131
DaneEB and WBUS 51132
DaneEB and WBUS 151 South135A
DaneEB and WBUS 151 North135B
DaneWBHigh Crossing Blvd.135C
DaneEB and WBI-94 East138A
DaneEB and WBWIS 30138B
DaneEB and WBUS 12 - 18 West142A
DaneEB and WBUS 12 - 18 East142B
DaneEB and WBCounty N147
DaneEB and WBUS 51 North156
DaneEB and WBUS 51 South - WIS 73 and WIS 106160
RockEB and WBWIS 59163
RockEB and WBWIS 26171A
RockEB and WBUS 14171B
RockEB and WBWIS 11 East / East Racine St.175
RockEB and WBWIS 11 West and Avalon Rd.177
RockEB and WBCounty S and Shopiere Rd.183
RockEB and WBI-43 North185B
RockEB and WBWIS 81 West185A