Exit numbers on I-94

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County ​Direction of travel ​Interchanging road ​Exit number
St. CroixEB and WBWIS 35 North1
St. CroixEB and WBCounty F - Carmichael Rd.2
St. CroixEB and WBWIS 35 South3
St. CroixEB and WBUS 12 - County U4
St. CroixEB and WBWIS 6510
St. CroixEB and WBCounty T16
St. CroixEB and WBUS 6319
St. CroixEB and WBCounty B24
St. CroixEB and WBWIS 12828
DunnEB and WBCounty Q32
DunnWBWIS 2541
DunnEB and WBCounty B45
DunnEB and WBUS 12 - WIS 29 and 4052
Eau ClaireEB and WBWIS 312 and County EE59
Eau ClaireEB and WBWIS 3765
Eau ClaireEB and WBWIS 9369
Eau ClaireEB and WBUS 5370
Eau ClaireEB and WBCounty HH and KK81
TrempealeauEB and WBUS 1088
JacksonEB and WBWIS 12198
JacksonEB and WBWIS 95105
JacksonEB and WBUS 12 and WIS 27115
JacksonEB and WBWIS 54116
JacksonEB and WBCounty O128
MonroeEB and WBCounty EW135
MonroeEB and WBUS 12 and WIS 21143
MonroeEB and WBIndustrial Ave.145
MonroeEB and WBI-90147
Interchanges where I-90 and I-94 are concurrent are numbered as interchanges on I-90
DaneWBWIS 30 West240
DaneWBI-90 East and I-39 South4A
Note - Existing exit number is 4A. Future exit number will be 240A
DaneEB and WBCounty N244
DaneEB and WBWIS 73250
JeffersonEB and WBWIS 89259
JeffersonEB and WBWIS 26267
JeffersonEB and WBCounty F275
JeffersonEBWillow Glen Rd.277
WaukeshaEB and WBWIS 67282
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty P283
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty C285
WaukeshaEB and WBWIS 83287
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty SS290
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty G and TT291
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty T293
WaukeshaWBWIS 16293C
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty J South and WIS 164 North294
WaukeshaEB and WBCounty F295
WaukeshaEB and WBUS18/WIS164 South/County JJ/Barker Rd.297
WaukeshaEBMoorland Rd.301A-B
WaukeshaWBMoorland Rd.- Southbound301A
WaukeshaWBMoorland Rd.- Northbound301B
MilwaukeeEBWIS 100304A-B
MilwaukeeWBWIS 100 - Northbound304B
MilwaukeeWBWIS 100 - Southbound304A
MilwaukeeEB and WBI-41 North and US 45 North305B
MilwaukeeEB and WBI-41 South, I-894 East and US 45 South305A
MilwaukeeEB and WBWIS 181 - 84th St.306
MilwaukeeEB and WB68th St. - 70th St.307A
MilwaukeeEB and WBHawley Rd.307B
MilwaukeeEB and WBV. A. Center - Mitchell Blvd.308A
MilwaukeeEB and WBMiller Park Way308B
MilwaukeeEB and NBWIS 175 North308C
MilwaukeeEB and WB35th St.309A
MilwaukeeEB26th St. and St. Paul Ave.309B
MilwaukeeWB25th St. and Clybourn St.309B
MilwaukeeEB13th St.310A
MilwaukeeEB and WBI-43 - Northbound310B
MilwaukeeEB and WBI-794 - Eastbound310C
MilwaukeeEBWIS 59 - National Ave. and 6th St.311
MilwaukeeWBWIS 59 - National Ave.311
MilwaukeeEBLapham Blvd. - Mitchell St.312A
MilwaukeeEBBecher St. - Lincoln Ave.312B
MilwaukeeWBBecher St. - Mitchell St., Lapham Blvd. - Greenfield Ave.312A-B
MilwaukeeEBHolt Ave.314A
MilwaukeeEBHoward Ave.314B
MilwaukeeWBHoward Ave. - Holt Ave.314A-B
MilwaukeeEBI-41, I-43 and I-894none
MilwaukeeWBI-41 North - I-43 South - I-894 Bypass316
MilwaukeeEB and WBLayton Ave.317
MilwaukeeEB and WBWIS 119 - Airport - Mitchell Field318
MilwaukeeEB and WBCollege Ave.319
MilwaukeeEB and WBRawson Ave.320
MilwaukeeEB and WBWIS 100 - Ryan Rd.322
RacineWBWIS 241 North - 27th St.325
RacineEB and WBSeven Mile Rd.326
RacineEB and WBCounty G327
RacineEB and WBCounty K329
RacineEB and WBWIS 20333
RacineEB and WBWIS 11335
KenoshaEB and WBCounty KR337
KenoshaEB and WBCounty E339
KenoshaEB and WBWIS 142340
KenoshaEB and WBWIS 158342
KenoshaEB and WBWIS 50344
KenoshaEB and WBCounty C345
KenoshaEB and WBWIS 165 and County Q and Tourist Info347
KenoshaWBTruck Weigh StationNone