Exit numbers on US 151

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County ​Direction of travel ​Interchanging road ​Exit number
Interchanges where US 151 and US 61 are concurrent are numbered as interchanges on US 61
GrantSBWIS 35 North/US 61 North/County HH8
GrantNBCounty D and Business 15118
GrantSBCounty D18
GrantNB and SBWIS 80/8119
GrantNBCounty XX21
GrantSBCounty XX and Business 15121
LafayetteNB and SBWIS 126 South and County G26
IowaNBCounty O and Business 15137
IowaSBCounty O37
IowaNBWIS 23 South and To WIS 3940
IowaSBWIS 23 South and To WIS 39 and Business 15140
IowaNB and SBWIS 23 North44
IowaNB and SBUS 18 West47
DaneNB and SBCounty ID58
DaneNBWIS 78 and Business 18/15165
DaneSBWIS 7865
DaneNBCounty ID69
DaneSBCounty ID and Business 18/15169
DaneNB and SBCounty PD and To County P70
DaneNB and SBCounty G/Dairy Ridge Rd.75
DaneNBCounty MV and Business 18/15176
DaneSBCounty MV76
DaneNB and SBWIS 6977
DaneNB and SBCounty PB and To County M79
DaneSBCounty MV and Business 18/15181
Interchanges where US 151 and US 12 are concurrent are numbered as interchanges on US 12
DaneNB and SBI-90/94 East and I-39 South97A
DaneNB and SBI-90/94 West and I-39 North97B
DaneNB and SBNelson Rd.98A
DaneNB and SBAmerican Parkway98B
DaneNB and SBCounty C and Reiner Rd.100
DaneNBMain St. and Business 151101
DaneSBMain St.101
DaneNB and SBWIS 19 - Windsor St.102
DaneNBCounty N - Bristol St.103
DaneSBCounty N - Bristol St. and Business 151103
DaneNB and SBCounty VV108
DaneNB and SBCounty V111
ColumbiaNB and SBWIS 73 and Business 151115
ColumbiaNB and SBWIS 16/60118
DodgeNBWIS 73120
DodgeSBWIS 73 and Business 151120
DodgeNBCounty D and Business 151129
DodgeSBCounty D129
DodgeNB and SBCounty G130
DodgeNB and SBWIS 33132
DodgeNBIndustrial Dr.134
DodgeNB and SBCounty B and Business 151135
DodgeNB and SBCounty A136
DodgeNBCounty M and Business 151142
DodgeNB and SBWIS 26144
DodgeNB and SBWIS 49146
Fond du LacSBWIS 26 South147
Fond du LacNB and SBWIS 26 North148