Exit numbers on US 41

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County Direction of travel Interchanging road Exit number
MilwaukeeNB and SBI-94-Eastbound38A
MilwaukeeNB and SBI-94-Westbound38B
MilwaukeeSBUS 18 (Wisconsin Ave.) and Wells St.38C
MilwaukeeNBUS 18 - Wisconsin Ave. and Bluemound Rd.38C
MilwaukeeSBVliet St. and State St.39A
MilwaukeeNBState St. and Vliet St.39A
MilwaukeeNBWashington Blvd.39B
MilwaukeeNBLloyd St.40A
MilwaukeeNBUS 41 - Lisbon Ave.40B
MilwaukeeNBWIS 175 - Appleton Ave.none
MilwaukeeSBUS 41 - Appleton47A
MilwaukeeNB and SBCounty PP - Good Hope Rd.47B
MilwaukeeNBWIS 145 North and 124th St.48
WaukeshaSBWIS 145 - Fond du Lac Ave.48
WaukeshaNBWIS 100 East - Main St.50A
WaukeshaNBWIS 74 West - Main St.50B
WaukeshaSBWIS 74 and WIS 100 East - Main St.50A-B
WaukeshaNBPilgrim Rd.- Northbound51A
WaukeshaNBPilgrim Rd.- Southbound51B
WaukeshaSBPilgrim Rd.51A-B
WaukeshaNBCounty Q - County Line Rd.52
WashingtonSBCounty Q - County Line Rd.52
WashingtonNB and SBWIS 167 East - Mequon Rd. and County Y Lannon Rd.54
WashingtonNB and SBWIS 167 West - Holy Hill Rd.57
WashingtonNBUS 45 North59
WashingtonNB and SBWIS 14560
WashingtonNBWIS 60 East64A
WashingtonNBWIS 60 West64B
WashingtonSBWIS 6064A-B
WashingtonNB and SBWIS 14466
WashingtonNB and SBCounty K68
WashingtonNB and SBWIS 3372
WashingtonNB and SBCounty D76
DodgeNB and SBWIS 2881
DodgeNB and SBWIS 6785
DodgeNB and SBWIS 49 and County KK87
Fond du LacNB and SBCounty B92
Fond du LacNB and SBUS 15195
Fond du LacNB and SBCounty VV - Hickory St.97
Fond du LacNB and SBCounty D and Military Rd.98
Fond du LacNB and SBWIS 23 - Johnson St.99
Fond du LacNB and SBCounty OO - Winnebago St.101
Fond du LacNB and SBCounty N106
WinnebagoNB and SBWIS 26113
WinnebagoNB and SBWIS 44 and WIS 91-Ripon Rd. and South Park Ave.116
WinnebagoNB and SB9th Ave.117
WinnebagoNB and SBWIS 21 - Omro Rd. and Oshkosh Ave.119
WinnebagoNB and SBUS 45 and TO US 10 West - Algoma Blvd.120
WinnebagoNB and SBWIS 76 - Jackson St.124
WinnebagoNB and SBBreezewood Ln./Bell St.129
WinnebagoNB and SBWIS 114 and County JJ - Winneconne Ave.131
WinnebagoNB and SBMain St. and Oakridge Rd.132
WinnebagoNB and SBCounty II – Winchester Rd.133
WinnebagoNB and SBUS 10 East and WIS 441 North134
WinnebagoNB and SBCounty BB - Prospect Ave.136
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 125 - College Ave.137
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 96 - Wisconsin Ave.138
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 15 and County 00 - Northland Ave.139
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 47 - Richmond St.142
OutagamieNB and SBCounty E - Ballard Rd.144
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 441 South145
OutagamieNB and SBCounty N146
OutagamieNB and SBWIS 55148
OutagamieNB and SBCounty J150
OutagamieNB and SBCounty U154
BrownNB and SBCounty S157
BrownNB and SBCounty F - Scheuring Rd.161
BrownNB and SBCounty G - Main Ave.163A
BrownNBAshland Ave.163B
BrownNB and SBCounty AAA - Oneida St. and Waube Ln.164
BrownNB and SBWIS 172165
BrownNB and SBCounty VK - Lombardi Ave.167
BrownNB and SBWIS 54 and WIS 32 South - Mason St.168
BrownNB and SBWIS 29 and WIS 32 North-Shawano Ave. and Dousman St.169
BrownNB and SBUS 141 South - Velp Ave.170
BrownNB and SBI-43171
BrownNB and SBCounty M - Lineville Rd.173
BrownNB and SBCounty B - Sunset Beach Rd.176
OcontoNB and SBBrown Rd.179
OcontoNB and SBCounty S182
OcontoNB and SBCounty D - Sampson Rd.185
OcontoNB and SBUS 141187
OcontoNBBusiness 41197
OcontoNB and SBWIS 22198
OcontoSBBusiness 41200
MarinetteNB and SBCounty Y212
MarinetteNB and SBSchacht Rd.216