Exit numbers on US 53

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County Direction of travel Interchanging road Exit number
Eau ClaireSBI-94 East84A
Eau ClaireSBI-94 West84B
Eau ClaireNB and SBGolf Rd.85
Eau ClaireNB and SBWIS 93 – Hastings Way86
Eau ClaireNB and SBUS 12 – Clairemont87
Eau ClaireNB and SBRiver Prairie Dr.89
Eau ClaireSB and NBNorth Crossing and WIS 31290
ChippewaSB and NBMelby St.92
ChippewaSB and NBCounty OO94
ChippewaSB and NBWIS 29 East95A
ChippewaSB and NBWIS 29 West95B
ChippewaSB and NBBusiness 29 – County X96
ChippewaSB and NBCounty S99
ChippewaSB and NBCounty B102
ChippewaSB and NBWIS 40110
ChippewaSB and NBWIS 64112
ChippewaNB and SBCounty M118
BarronNB and SBCounty I126
BarronNB and SBUS 8135
BarronNB and SBCounty 0140
BarronNB and SBWIS 48143
Barron EB and SBCounty V150