Exit numbers on Wis 145

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

​County ​Direction of travel ​Interchanging road ​Exit number
MilwaukeeNBFond du Lac Ave.None
MilwaukeeSBGrantosa Dr. and Villard Ave.7A
MilwaukeeNBWIS 181 North - 76th St.7B
MilwaukeeSBWIS 181 - 76th St.7B
MilwaukeeNBSilver Spring Dr. - Westbound8
MilwaukeeSBSilver Spring Dr. - Eastbound8
MilwaukeeNB and SB91st St.9
MilwaukeeNBGreen Tree Rd. and 102nd St.10A
MilwaukeeNB107th St. and Good Hope Rd.10B
MilwaukeeSB107th St. and Fond du Lac Ave.10B
MilwaukeeNBPark Place10C