Exit numbers on Wis 29

​Note - Exits are listed chronologically by exit number

County Direction of travel Interchanging road Exit number
DunnWBWB I-9460A
DunnWBEB I-9460B
DunnEB and WBUS 12 and WIS 4061
ChippewaEB and WBCounty T68
ChippewaEB and WB90th St. and Business 2972
ChippewaEB and WBUS 53 South75A
ChippewaEB and WBUS 53 North75B
ChippewaSeymour Cray and Business 2979
ChippewaEB and WBCounty X80
ChippewaEB and WBCounty J81
ChippewaEB and WBCounty X87
ChippewaEB and WBWIS 2791
ChippewaEB and WBCounty D97
ChippewaEB and WBCounty H101
ClarkEB and WBWIS 73 and County M108
ClarkEB and WBWIS 73 and County T118
ClarkEB and WBCounty X – Cardinal Ave.122
ClarkEB and WBCounty E127
ClarkEBHiline Ave.131
MarathonEB and WBWIS 13132
MarathonWBBusiness 29134
MarathonEB and WBWIS 97145
MarathonEB and WBCounty H150
MarathonEB and WBWIS 107156
MarathonEB and WB72nd Ave.162
MarathonEB and WBWIS 52164A
MarathonEB and WBUS 51 North164B
MarathonEBUS 51 Southnone
MarathonWBUS 51 Northnone
MarathonEB and WBBusiness 51171
MarathonEB and WBCounty X173
MarathonEB and WBCounty J177
MarathonEB and WBCounty Q181
MarathonEB and WBCounty Y185
ShawanoEB and WBUS 45 North and County M and Business 29195
ShawanoWBCounty Q and Business 29196
ShawanoEB and WBUS 45 South198
ShawanoEB and WBWIS 22225
ShawanoEBWIS 47 North and WIS 55 North and County K227
ShawanoWBWIS 47 North and WIS 55 North and County K and Business 29227
ShawanoEB and WBWIS 47 South and WIS 117234
ShawanoEB and WBWIS 55 South and WIS 160242
BrownEB and WBWIS 32 and County Y249