RIDESHARE - Bike buddy benefits

Two people biking to work

Pedaling the benefits

  • The RIDESHARE program matches bicyclists together who bike the same route.
    • Register on the same form as for carpooling. It has bicycle commuting questions that produce bike buddy matches.
  • Bicyclists can register as either an experienced rider or novice. Then you can choose if you would prefer to ride with an experienced or novice companion.
    • After you register, track environmental and financial savings that accumulates by biking, with Mobile Reporting On the Go (05:00). A message can be sent to a smart phone and/or email.
  • Stay healthier, get exercise
  • Save on air pollution
  • Use the bike buddy tips below to get you off on the right foot
  • Buddy up with a novice or an expert bicyclist
  • Use the calculator to determine your current costs of automobile driving