Commuter environmental information

Footprints on grass

After you register with RIDESHARE you can track your commute each day and run reports that compute your cost savings, pollution and greenhouse gas reductions. Log in with your email address and password and click on "Track your Commute Monthly."

  • Commute mode tracker - Employer urges employees to register for RIDESHARE and track their commute for a free lunch if they reduce their carbon footprint. (01:00) Audio transcript
  • Learn more about environmental issues on the EPA website and calculate your household emissions.
  • Use our calculator to calculate your commuting costs and environmental impact.  

Brookhaven National Laboratory provides information on the environmental RIDESHARE benefits. The average passenger car contributes annually:      

  • 21 pounds of hydrocarbons
  • 234 pounds of carbon monoxide
  • 17 pounds of nitrogen oxides
  • 9,631 pounds of CO

Automobiles and light trucks are considered one of the largest contributors to air quality problems. EPA estimates from 2008 show that these vehicles accounted for:

  • 22 percent of total hydrocarbon emissions
  • 50 percent of the total CO emissions
  • 32 percent of the NOx emissions
  • 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions

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