Frequently Asked Questions

What area does the RIDESHARE program serve?

RIDESHARE serves all of Wisconsin and the bordering counties in neighboring states (Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota).

How much does it cost?

Registration in the program is free. After running matches, it is up to you to contact those who you match with and work out an arrangement including cost sharing.

Can I register and find matches without access to the Internet?

Yes, if you don’t have an email address, drive a car, or have access to the Internet you can still register with RIDESHARE.

  • Contact us and a RIDESHARE staff representative will run a matchlist for you and send you your matches.
  • You then will have to contact your matches to arrange a carpool or ride.

What benefits are there to carpooling and/or bike buddy commuting?

What are bike buddies?

Two or more bicyclists biking to work together. RIDESHARE can match you with other bicyclists going your way. You and your ‘buddy’ can be matched by experience level.

Is Wisconsin RIDESHARE on Facebook?

While the program does not have its own Facebook page, you can integrate Facebook with your RIDESHARE account. This will allow you and others to see public profiles when considering a match.

How much does my commute cost me without carpooling?

You can figure your out-of-pocket expenses as well as your environmental costs with the RIDESHARE calculator.

Is my personal information secure?

Your home street address is not shared on matchlists, nor is your land-line phone number. When you register you can choose how you would like to be contacted.

Also, as you submit your registration, there is a 3-step process to securing your data and setting up your password before you can run matches.

Where can I meet my carpool/bike buddy?

Wisconsin has over 100 park and ride lots ​throughout Wisconsin that are ideal to meet your carpool, vanpool, or bike buddy. Parking is free. Most lots are adjacent to or near freeway ramps, have overnight parking, and many are served by transit.

What if my carpool/bike buddy arrangement doesn't work out?

Before terminating the arrangement, check for additional matches that could join your carpool. Additional people in the ‘pool’ change the dynamics. Your new matchlist may also offer you a carpool buddy.

How can I edit or delete my information from the program?

Log in with your email address and password. The options for both editing or deleting your information are available on your welcome page.