Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

​Can employers play a role in the commuting habits of their employees?

Yes, many employers are already taking sustainability and environmental 'green' steps in the services and products they offer. This mentality filters down to employees who want to do their part in environmental responsibility.

Does an employer have to implement all the options to have an employer based commuter program?

Employers should implement the options that best suit their company. Additionally, this website provides suggestions on how to build a commuter program. Different ideas will appeal to different employees taking into consideration their employees, work shifts, and access to computers.

What advantages does a company have for offering commuting benefits?

Commuter benefits are well regarded by employees, giving an employer an edge for recruiting and retaining employees. Employees who come to work by carpooling, transit, biking, or walking arrive more relaxed and more productive. There are tax advantages, environmental savings, and the possibility of reduced health insurance claims. Additional advantages can be found on the below related link.

Can I try out the program myself to see how it works?

Most certainly. Visit and click on the red “Register” button. Complete the information just as your employee would. Submit it and set up your password. From your Welcome Page you can check out all the options. You can then choose to leave your information in or delete it.

Is there a Wisconsin RIDESHARE staff person available to answer questions?

A RIDESHARE representative is available to assist you in developing or enhancing an existing commuter program. Questions about the program are always welcome.