How to build a commuter program

  • Wisconsin RIDESHARE: Businesses and a Commuter Benefit Program (04:11)
    Informational video on how businesses can implement a Commuting program.Ridesahre Feelin' better already!
  • Develop your program's focus. Is its sustainability, transportation, increasing your benefit package, corporate responsibility, etc.?
  • Place the link that explains the focus on or near your company Intranet website home page.
  • On your website have direct links to  Wisconsin RIDESHARE, local transit and bicycling information.
  • Content on your website should assure your employees of your commitment to supporting alternative forms of transportation.
  • Provide Guaranteed Ride Home information. Display your policy and how to access the transportation when a situation arises.
  • Promote bike and walk to work days.
  • Encourage your employees to track their commutes through their Smart Phone or email. Personal and company-wide reports indicate environmental and financial savings of employee efforts.
  • Provide safe and secure bike storage, showers and locker facilities.
  • Offer bus passes and have bus schedules available.
  • Share TransTalk messages with your employees. Contact RIDESHARE to receive this FREE e-publication.
  • Introduce the program with a promotional period, handouts, email blasts, etc.
  • Create incentives through prizes, teams, challenges.
  • Offer flexible work options. Often a win-win situation for both employer and employee.