Fatalities by month

The figures below represent final figures for the years 2012-2015. The ​2016-2017 preliminary figures represent fatalities that have been reported to the Wisco​nsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Crash Records Unit as of the date shown below.

*2016 and 2017 data is preliminary
Data source: WisDOT-DMV Acc​ident Records database

Fatalities by month - as of May 21, 2017

 ​​Year-to-dateFinal figures2012-2016*
​June ​​564449​61​58​54
​July 63​39​42​​57​75​55
​August 57​64​68​65​​58​62
​September 47​68​​​47​45​​79​57
​October 46​46​42​50​​56​48
​November 75​49​​49​53​​36​52
​December 28​​​3839​31​33​34

Fatalities by county

Weekly fatality report ​​​​​​

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