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Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has ​transitioned to the new enterprise-wide PeopleSoft accounting system. WisDOT delayed sending bills during the conversion period (July 2016 to November 2016) to validate all project costs. The first invoices from the new system will be sent in December 2016. The invoices will contain the local cost share of project costs incurred through early December. In the future, billing will be done on a monthly basis.

Notable changes

  • The new system generates invoices for items of work completed on which you have a cost share.
  • As a result of the conversion, you may receive a one-time billing adjustment. If the adjustment is a credit, please subtract that amount from your next invoice.
  • Invoices are for project specific costs incurred during the previous month only.
  • Unpaid balances will not appear on future invoices.
  • Invoices are only generated if the balance due is $1,000 or greater OR the project is in the closing process.
  • Invoices contain project identification numbers. For the title of the project, please refer to the WisDOT Highway Project list (updated February  20, 2017).    

Address corrections

Bills are mailed to addresses contained within the Department of Administration (DOA) system. If an address change is needed, please contact

Invoice questions

If you have a question on your bill, please email your region office contact:

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