Seasonal posted roads (state numbered highways only)


No restrictions are currently in effect.


Some roadway sections are too weak to withstand even the legal load limit (80,000 pounds) during the seasonal freezing and thawing period. These highway sections have signs posted indicating the allowable weight limits during the period normally from the second week in March till late April or early May. There are approximately 170 miles (13 segments) of state highways that are posted during the springtime freezing and thawing period. The 13 segments account for less than 2 percent of all state highways.

For information on particular roadway postings, truckers are urged to contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) personnel who represent the county where the roadway is located as identified on the map and roadway list below.

The WisDOT regional highway operations offices may exempt vehicles carrying certain commodities or which are used to perform certain services as specified by WisDOT's regional highway operations office from posted road restrictions if such exemptions are reasonable and necessary to promote the public health, safety, or welfare (such as for school buses, heating fuel, or milk). Vehicles used to transport material pumped from a septic or holding tank may be declared exempt from posted road restrictions by the WisDOT regional highway operations offices if, because of health concerns, materials needed to be removed from a septic or holding tank within 24 hours after the vehicle operator is notified. Within 72 hours after operating such a vehicle, the operator of the vehicle shall notify the WisDOT regional highway operations office that the vehicle traveled over a posted road. (Reference: State Statutes 349.16 (3)

Local county or township road maintenance authorities are responsible for determining when local and county roads should be posted for weight limitations. Questions related to weight restrictions on local or county roads should be referred to the maintaining authority for those roads.

Important things to know with respect to permits involving 98,000 pounds on 6-axles:

  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is the only agency that may issue a “Raw Forest Products Permit” (RS Permit) per Wis Statute 348.27(9m)(a)4.
  • The RS Permit authorizes transport of “raw forest products” at Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 98,000 lbs on vehicles or vehicle combinations with six or more axles none of which may exceed the axle weights set in the statute.
  • RS Permits are not valid on Interstate highways.
  • RS permits do not authorize exceeding posted weight limits, except for seasonal limits on marked State or US routes in connection with thawing of frozen roads.
  • During the spring thaw period established by WisDOT, the RS Permit allows transport on any highway that is marked State or US route including those posted to limit weights seasonally in connection with thawing of frozen roads. RS permits also remain valid during spring thaw on all other public roads but are subject to all posted weight limits, including seasonal limits.

Bridge postings

Non-seasonal roadway postings (None at this time)

Detailed Explanation of Statute 348.27(9m)(a)4.


Bill Wondrachek, P.E.
WisDOT State Freight Engineer

Questions about overweight/oversize permits:
Motor carrier services,
(608) 266-7320