Deer carcass removal

Domestic and wild animals are often hit and killed by motor vehicles on state trunk highways. Large animals lying on or near highways may be hazards when left on the roadway, shoulder or in clear zones and are to be removed. Removal may include pickup with offsite disposal or in rural conditions roadside abandonment. Roadside abandonment is when the carcass is left in the right of way and pulled far off on to the roadside. Car-killed deer (CKD) is an issue of concern for Wisconsin residents and municipalities. 

  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is currently contracting with CKD disposal services in each county on interstate, U.S and state highways.
  • Counties are responsible for removing deer carcasses on county highways.
  • Municipalities are responsible for removing deer carcasses on their local roads.

Deer vehicle crash statistics

Learn more about deer vehicle crash information at the following links. 

More information

Reporting disposal/removal contact information

  • For county roads, contact the county
  • For local roads, contact the municipality
  • For interstate, U.S. and state highways, report deer carcasses to the local sheriff for disposal