WIS 13, WIS 98 to South Junction County N


The proposed project is located along WIS 13 in Marathon County, WI. The project begins approximately 265 feet north of WIS 98 in the village of Spencer and ends at County N in the city of Colby. WIS 13 is primarily a two-lane highway, except where it widens to a four-lane undivided highway through the villages of Spencer and Unity and
through the city of Colby. The total length of this project is 10.24 miles.


The proposed improvements include joint, crack and slab repairs or replacement followed by grinding the concrete pavement surface. The eight foot paved asphalt rural shoulders would be replaced with five foot paved asphalt shoulders and three foot gravel shoulders. The paved shoulders would also include rumble strips. Pedestrian curb ramps with sub-standard accessibility features would be replaced to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The bridge deck surfaces would be replaced at WIS 13 over Little Eau Pleine River and WIS 13 over Dill Creek. Existing guard rail at culverts and bridges would be repaired or replaced.

Traffic Impacts

The traffic management plan is being developed, however alternatives being considered include a detour and staged construction under traffic. The detour would utilize WIS 13, WIS 97 and WIS 29 (access would be maintained for local traffic and emergency services) and allow for a shorter construction duration. If the staged option is selected, motorists can expect reduced lane widths, temporary traffic signals or flagging operations with at least one lane remaining open to traffic in each direction except at restricted locations such as bridges or intersections.

Access to businesses and residences will be maintained, however driveways may need to be closed for short periods of time while the concrete is repaired or replaced in the vicinity of the driveway. Pedestrians can expect pedestrian curb ramp closures; however, temporary pedestrian accommodations will be provided.

Current Schedule

Local officials meeting: November 15, 2019

Public notification letter: December 2019

Public involvement meeting: Winter 2020

Complete project design: November 2021

Construction is currently schedule for 2023 but could occur as early as 2022.


WisDOT Project Manager
Wendy Arneson, 715-421-7391

WisDOT Region Communication Manager
Tegan Griffith, 715-493-3710

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