Commissions and councils

​Transportation Stakeholder Task Force

Under the leadership of Governor Tony Evers, the Transportation Stakeholder Task Force was created to solicit feedback on transportation needs and budget priorities. The goal is to ensure the transportation budget comprehensively reflects Wisconsin’s multimodal transportation needs now and into the future.

Wisconsin Commission on Transportation Finance and Policy

The Wisconsin Commission on Transportation Finance and Policy was created in the 2011-2013 biennial state budget. The legislation called on the commission to examine issues related to the future of transportation finance in Wisconsin. The commission's final report was issued January 2013.

Autonomous Vehicle Committee

This special committee was created to recommend a coordinated effort on how best to advance testing and operation of autonomous and connected vehicles in Wisconsin. The committee included members representing the State Legislature, public agencies, law enforcement, auto manufacturers, trucking, motorcycles and other sectors. The committee's final report was issued on June 2018.

Transportation Projects Commission

Created in 1983, the 15-member Transportation Projects Commission (TPC) reviews major highway project candidates and makes recommendations to the Governor and Legislature regarding projects to be "enumerated" or included in the next two-year state budget.

Freight Advisory Committee

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation established a Freight Advisory Committee (FAC) to help inform the department on issues that impact freight mobility and to provide a voice for the freight sector on the development of freight-related policies, processes and projects.