Continuous Improvement at WisDOT

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Within WisDOT the Continuous Improvement (CI) team is responsible for collecting improvement information and coaching department staff on various CI concepts. A point of contact within each division gathers division data and helps their team draft a division specific CI plan​ for each calendar year. These plans list pro​posed projects, training requests and a CI communication strategy.​

WisDOT collaborates with the Department of Administration's (DOA's) Strategic Management and Planning program​​ to help Wisconsin's government operate more efficiently and effectively. WisDOT reports improvements​ to the Governor's Office through DOA by state fiscal year (July 1 - June​ 30).

DOA's Strategic Management and Planning program requires WisDOT project submittals to report at least one of the following metrics.

  • ​Annual hours repurposed
  • Annual cost savings
  • One-time cost savings
  • Lead time reduction (days)
  • Process steps eliminated

​The graphics below summarize the improvement projects completed by the Divisions of Budget and Strategic Initiatives (DBSI), Business Management (DBM), Motor Vehicles (DMV), State Patrol (DSP), Transportation Investment Management (DTIM), and Transportation System Development (DTSD) in 2020 and 2021.

2021 Project Highlights

​Annually, over 1,000 customers submit dealership complaints to the Division of Motor Vehicles. An improvement team worked to automate this process​ increasing accessibility and reducing turn-​around time for customers.​


​JoAnn Prange
Performance Improvement Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Division of Budget and Strategic Initiatives
(608) 261-6120​​
Sebastian Ruiz
Performance Improvement Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Transportation​​
Division of Budget and Strategic Initiatives
(608) 266-2370​