Division of Transportation Investment Management

The Division of Transportation Investment Management conducts lon​g-range, multimodal transportation planning, and guides the use of state and federal transportation dollars based upon research and data analysis of the state's transportation systems.


Aeronautics Bureau

Provides aviation and safety education and training for pilots, mechanics and schools; regulates tall towers; acquires surplus property for public airport use; administers all state and​ federal aid for airport improvements; and provides technical assistance to airport operations. (608) 266-3351

Planning & Economic Development Bureau

Coordinates multimodal and transportation system plans; provides traffic forecasting and modeling services; and combines information about trends and the use/condition of transportation systems to establish policies, system performance measures and investment decision criteria. (608) 267-6843 or email the Planning Bureau at bop.dtim@dot.wi.gov.

State Highway Programs Bureau

Coordinates the selection of projects to be included in WisDOT's multi-year highway program; establishes and monitors financial plans for those programs; coordinates collection, storage and use of data describing the condition/use of the state trunk highway system and the local road system; and meets Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) federal reporting requirements. (608) 266-5408 or email State Highway Programs Bureau at bshp.dtim@dot.wi.gov.

Transit, Local Roads, Railroads & Harbors Bureau

Manages grant, highway improvement and assistance programs used by local governments to support transit services and reconstruct/maintain local highways, roads, streets and bridges. This bureau also provides technical expertise and financial assistance for the railroad and water modes. (608) 267-7350 or email the Bureau at btlrrh.dtim@dot.wi.gov.