Who buys what at WisDOT

People sitting at a table

Purchasing Section Chief - Lyman Fuson

Dana Casey - Facilities related commodities and services

Debra Adamski-Pavloski - General commodities and services

Mary Johnson - DOT STAR procurement coordinator

Suzanne Kostic - General commodities and services

Mark Mackenzie - Printing and related commodities

Sally Maier - General commodities; procurement card, STAR, and WisBuy coordinator

Melissa Viken - Information technology

Lori Weaver - Consulting, advertising, training and other services

Email your questions to: dottipsco@dot.wi.gov

Some of the things DOT buys:

  • lab testing services
  • material handling equipment
  • road salt
  • safety clothing, body armor, uniforms and emblems
  • State Patrol equipment, including weapons and ammunition, chemical testing (breathalyzer), radar, safety
  • apparatus, speed monitoring equipment, weapons
  • survey equipment and services
  • tower maintenance
  • towing services
  • food services
  • glass beads
  • hazardous materials
  • medical/ psychological screenings
  • signage
  • highway maintenance supplies such as glass beads, lamps, light bulbs, marking paint, reflective products wood or steel posts
  • traffic control devices
  • building and grounds management
  • facility maintenance/repair/operation
  • fire alarm systems, security systems surveillance
  • fire extinguisher maintenance
  • IT software/hardware, training
  • Intelligent Transportation System components (ITS)
  • road weather information
  • audiometric testing
  • mailing services and equipment
  • printing services
  • promotional items
  • advertising/marketing services
  • audit/accounting services
  • consulting services, non-IT
  • temporary help services
  • training, non-IT