​Division of State Patrol (DSP)

The Wisconsin State Patrol enforces traffic and criminal laws; helps motorists in need; inspects trucks, school buses and ambulances; and helps local law enforcement agencies with natural disasters or civil disturbances.


Field Operations Bureau

Enforces criminal and traffic laws, conducts criminal highway interdiction programs, oversees motor carrier safety and weight facilities (SWEFs), inspects and regulates motor carriers, school buses and ambulances, and helps local law enforcement agencies with traffic safety, civil disturbances and disasters (natural and man-made).

Network Engineering and Data Infrastructure Bureau

Provides the engineering, installation and technical maintenance for the statewide telecommunications network, including all radio tower sites and voice transmitting equipment, including equipment in cruisers, such as radios, lights, sirens, etc.

Transportation Safety and Technical Services Bureau

Provides a department-wide focus for safety program and safety policy analysis, carries out public outreach on safety issues, administers the statewide chemical testing program, and provides technology services to law enforcement, including Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH), Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS), and Crash reporting.

State Patrol Academy Office

Provides diverse training for State Patrol recruits, federal and local law enforcement officers, and state employees. The facility is used by other agencies for training programs as well.

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