Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Approximately 750 DMV staff members work at more than 90 locations around the state to help customers quickly obtain quality products and services and promote transportation safety.


Driver Services Bureau

Informs, educates and licenses drivers; analyzes data to enhance programs and achieve driver safety; and withdraws driving privileges when abuses occur.

Field Services Bureau

Provides customer service throughout the state; tests drivers; issues driver's licenses and identification cards; processes applications for registration, titles or license plates.

Vehicle Services Bureau

Registers and titles all motor vehicles; licenses motor vehicle dealerships/salespersons and monitors their activities; distributes license plates and stickers; maintains records of all vehicle registration-related transactions; licenses and registers interstate motor carrier vehicles based both in Wisconsin and in other states; and provides for vehicle emission testing. 

Customer service delivery options

To serve the citizens of Wisconsin more efficiently, we've developed a number of self-service options to help you avoid a visit to a DMV customer service center. Every vehicle transaction can be done online, by mail or with a DMV approved third party partner. Whether renewing your vehicle registration or selling your car to a neighbor, you can do it in the comfort of your own home – or use a device since we’re mobile-friendly. You may also change your address, obtain a duplicate/replacement driver license, renew your ID, purchase a crash/accident report and any number of other activities. Get out of line and go online!

If you do require our assistance, our staff are happy to help. We serve more than two million customers in person annually at our customer service centers around the state and handle more than 1.5 million phone calls and emails each year.  

Everyone at DMV is committed to helping our customers in a fast, efficient and friendly fashion.

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