Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads (WISLR)

WISLR logoA data management tool for decision makers

The Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads (WISLR) is an internet-accessible system that helps local governments and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) manage local road data to improve decision-making, and to meet state statute requirements. With Geographic Information System technology, WISLR combines local road data with interactive mapping functionality. The result is an innovative system that allows users to display their data in a tabular format, on a map, or both.

WISLR provides a system for local governments to report local road information (such as width, surface type, surface year, shoulder, curb, road category, functional classification, and pavement condition ratings) to WisDOT.

Local governments can use WISLR's querying, analytical, and spreadsheet tools to organize and analyze data. They can also update and edit their data. This combination improves accuracy for both pavement condition rating submittals and ​road inventory assessment.

WisDOT can accommodate pavement ratings submitted using a number of methods:

  • Editing directly within WISLR online
  • Sending a file for pavement rating updates, either by mail or electronically
  • Filling out paper forms

How to access and get started using WISLR

Authorized representatives of local government are eligible to obtain WISLR access privileges. To access WISLR, follow the simple steps below.

First time WISLR users:

  1. Establish a Web Access Management System (WAMS) ID and password: Go to on.wisconsin.gov and click on the Self-Registration link, and then follow the steps to create an ID and password.​
  2. Navigate to WISLR: Enter your ID and password, then answer some questions. WisDOT will send you an email that establishes and confirms your WISLR privileges after you establish your ID and password. Please allow a few days to receive your WISLR privileges.


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