Maps and GIS

WisDOT produces a wide range of publicly-available information about transportation related issues and projects. Many of the extensive map resources (from general reference to topographic to interactive) are available within each division.

Popular maps:

WisDOT also incorporates the latest geospatial technologies and information to create helpful interactive maps. Map data (also called geospatial data) includes locations and other information that let users combine data layers and create maps and mapping applications using geographic information system (GIS) software and tools.

Maps available through the WisDOT Maps portal are interactive, allowing users to zoom in and out, add data layers, print and export maps and perform other actions to present information in a form that is more easily understood and meaningful to broad audiences.

Link to WisDOT Mapping ArcGIS application

Popular interactive maps through WisDOT Maps portal include:

Some WisDOT divisions also maintain interactive mapping applications for public use, such as:

WisDOT provides geospatial data (for use with GIS software and tools) free of charge through WisDOT GIS Open Data. This self-service website provides access to authoritative geographic information systems (GIS) data commonly requested by staff, agency partners and the public. Users can easily search and download GIS data in various formats to meet their needs.

Request data

WisDOT also provides its geospatial data (for use with GIS software and tools) upon request. To request this data, click on the applicable link below:


WisDOT’s Non-Driver ArcGIS Online Application introductory video series describes how to use WisDOT's GIS Open Data application.

GIS Core Services Unit supports agency databases that contain geospatial data and the server- and cloud-based platforms on which our interactive map applications are built. They partner with internal and external customers:

  • WisDOT business areas identify mapping needs and requirements to support internal operations, project planning and management, and many other activities. Part of this process involves gathering information from internal users, partners, customers, and/or the public.
  • Developers create and maintain GIS data and applications for a wide range of audiences.


WisDOT’s Culvert Asset Management Program (CAMP) was honored for special achievement in use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies at the 2020 annual conference (held virtually) by the mapping and spatial analytics company, Esri. WisDOT engineers developed CAMP through the Esri platform to replace a time-consuming manual process prone to reporting lags and consistency issues. Through an enhanced focus on training and real-time data, culvert inspectors are now doubling productivity while saving time and money. Esri’s special achievement awards are meant to show appreciation for organizations using GIS to understand complex data and meet challenges around the world. WisDOT’s project was recognized from a field of 300,000 other candidates.

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