WisDOT reviews the maximum escalation factor annually. The 2020 factor of 2.6% must be reflected immediately for all new negotiations. The 2019 factor of 3.1% may be reflected for in-process negotiations resulting in contracts submitted before February 14, 2020. Consultants apply wage escalation to estimates of work to be performed based on the relationship of the consultant's normal cycle for wage increases and the timing of work performed under the contract.  Current pay rates along with dates of anticipated increases should be shown in supporting fee computations. (Nov 20, 2019)

FDM 8-5-1.1 - In order to preserve fair and open competition, WisDOT has directed all of its staff to direct all consultant inquiries pertaining to upcoming projects, concerns about workload, available staff, and general capabilities to consultant services unit supervisor. Consultant services unit supervisor may decide appropriate response. During an ongoing solicitation, all consultant questions about a project must be e-mailed to the contact in the Scope of Services narrative. Consultant solicitation queries continue to be addressed by WisDOT via the transparent Question and Response process. Over the past two years, this has been conducted almost entirely through Masterworks rather than email. Consultants have an equal opportunity to submit questions within three business days of posting and to view publicly posted responses a few days later. At no time should consultants contact WisDOT employees directly regarding current or upcoming solicitations. Consultants who violate this section are subject to consequences up to and including disqualification. (Aug 26, 2019) 

Unless specifically mentioned in the NOI instructions, please do not attach additional files (e.g. resumes, project descriptions, letters). These materials have not been requested and will not be reviewed. (August 22, 2018)

DBE policy and guidelines (reposted Sept 1, 2016)