Consultant Notices

FDM Chapter 8 Consultant Services Update

WisDOT has made change throughout Chapter 8 regarding Consultant Services procedures.  All consultants should review these updates​. (May 16, 2024)

Maximum Escalation Fa​​​ctor

2​024 Maximum Wage​ Escalation Factor​​ (December​​ 4, 2023)

​WisDOT Plan Quality Review

WisDOT’s Plan Quality workgroup was formed to address questions and addenda being issued during the advertisement process.  The Department has developed a list of items to review during the PSE submittal process to reduce questions from contractors during advertisement.  Plan review items. (December 7, 2021)

Specific Rate of Compensation Special Provision

The Department will continue t​o encourage consultants to create rate cards to establish class rates that can be used for short term substitutions when there is not an individual rate for the substitute employee already established in the contract. The special provision will be inserted into applicable contracts to explain the process for using employees not named in the contract.

The Department staff have been given the following guidelines to use when evaluating a consultant's request to approve use of a class rate rather than amending to add an individual rate:

  • The substitute employee will charge less the 40 hours to the contract


  • The substitute employee's current wage rate is more than 95% of the wage rate used to establish the class rate for the contract.  (Dec.​ 10, 2020)

​NOI Instructions

Unless specifically mentioned in the NOI instructions, please do not attach additional files (e.g. resumes, project descriptions, letters). These materials have not been requested and will not be reviewed. (Aug. 22, 2018)

DBE Policy

DBE policy and guidelines (reposted Sept. 1, 2016)