Planning resources

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) provides a number of resources to assist transportation professionals with their planning efforts.

System maps

Statewide plans

Long-range plans

Other plans

Corridor studies and plans

Part of WisDOT’s long-range transportation plan, Connections 2030, is the identification of a series of system-level priority corridors. These corridors are critical to Wisconsin’s travel patterns and support the state’s economy.

Manuals and guidance

WisDOT has developed a Transportation Planning Manual for traffic forecasting that provides a web-based resource to communicate forecasting policies. It links to other WisDOT manuals and helps provide uniform forecast decisions on Wisconsin's transportation system.

WisDOT has developed planning guidance for the development of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

WisDOT created a document that provides guidelines for developing Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs).

Comprehensive planning

A number of resources, including downloadable element guidebooks, are available on WisDOT's "transportation and land use" website.

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